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Soft Landscaping

Turfing is an area that we specialise in, and we take great care in ground preparation to ensure a perfect finish for you project. Choose from our superior quality, professionally laid turf and synthetic surfaces, or selection of grass / wildflower mix seeds to suit your needs.

Soft Landscaping Specialists

We are fortunate enough to have a trusted local source of quality plants, shrubs and trees, so whether you are redesigning your garden or want to amplify its existing flora, we have a vast selection at our fingertips to give your project a finish that will exceed your expectations.


Frequently asked questions

If you have questions about a project, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our team is happy to offer a free consultation to answer all your lawn care questions.

Do you use lawn turf or meadow turf?

We only use high grade seeded lawn turf, giving a superior finish.

How long will it take you to turf my lawn?

This will obviously depend on the area and terrain of your garden, some require more preparation, but an 86m2 (standard sized pallet of turf) garden could be prepared and laid in a day. We try to arrange the turf laying date to coincide as accurately as possible with the day the turf is delivered, so the turf is kept as fresh as possible.

How much aftercare will be required for my newly laid lawn?

In order for the turf to survive it will need to be intensively watered after being laid, and not be walked on for 14-28 days, depending on weather conditions. As this is the customer’s responsibility we cannot offer any guarantee on the turf, but we are always here to advise.

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