Hard landscaping refers to the form of landscaping which deals with non-plant material, pertaining to harder objects such as stone formations and ornamental pieces, hence the name. Often contrasting elements of soft landscaping, there are plenty of options to consider, though Groundforce are best-placed to recommend, explain and implement such exciting measures. Read on to explore the benefits of features including wooden fencing. wildlife sculptures and much more.

Cobbled Paths

Especially common in larger gardens or narrow and spacious exteriors, cobbled paths are an aesthetically pleasing option within contemporary or traditional homes. Used most often to mark out a walkway, leading the way to a shed or outhouse, a path should be wide enough for individuals to comfortably walk through, and we can seamlessly oversee the accompanying soft landscaping to create a cohesive appearance.

Miniature Ponds

Ponds are a creative way to attract varied animal life into your garden space, and fill an expansive area with visually pleasing landscape features. Make interesting use of the varied terrain with water features and ornaments, while a miniature pond can even be utilised in a smaller or unconventionally shaped garden. Hard landscaping experts from Groundforce are well-versed in modern trends and conventions, leaving no stone unturned.

Wooden Fencing

Used either to divide areas of a garden space, section off a vegetable patch or separate areas, wooden fencing is versatile, durable and easy to acquire. Ideally a sturdy row of panels are favourable, while gates and various shaped fencing can be practical. Experiment with different types of textured wood finishes to discover the perfect accompaniment.

Stone Steps

Similarly to cobbled paths, stone steps can be used in order to allow access into an elevated area of the garden. making them ideal for spaces which are situated on an incline. Stone is a naturally easy to sculpt, as well as resistant to diverse weather conditions and simple to maintain, allowing plenty of leeway for specialist design and requests.

Wildlife Sculptures

Sculptures, statues and ornamental figures are a common sight in garden spaces, to accompany a modern design, beside a pond, or placed atop a structure. Paired thoughtfully with soft landscaping elements, wildlife sculptures are versatile and striking. From large lifelike figures, to subtler abstract models, there are plenty of options to browse when you work alongside a trusted landscaping company. Benefit from our design expertise and plentiful experience by requesting a quote.

When you work with Groundforce, we’re able to transform your outdoor spaces with ease. Our high-quality landscaping and garden maintenance services are ideal for clients in North Devon and further afield, and we’re proud to provide a variety of fantastic processes to clients both commercially and residentially. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact your local landscaping experts today. We would be delighted to help!