A garden, or any space with greenery, tells people a lot about the place and people it’s connected to. Especially if it’s in front of the property, as it creates that all important first impression. If you’re a business, this impression might be an especially important reflection. On the other hand, self-expression through your garden at home might be your greatest joy.

Before you set off on your garden landscaping project, consider these styles and what they evoke.

The Smart

Not one to stray with heavy distractions, a more formal garden means business. Clean lines, space, and a garden that doesn’t have a riot of colour, or require a lot of grounds maintenance. The smart garden will still be expertly arranged and looked after, however, reflecting a deliberate, responsible, perhaps formidable inhabitants. Nevertheless, a splash of plants and greenery brings humanity, enlivening and oxygenating the spaces around it.

The Creative

Deviating from the symmetry and sophistication of a smart garden, is the creative. A space for outside the box and innovative thinkers. Gardens of this type may contain an array of unusual and exotic plants together. Perhaps containing some moving features, creative sculptures, and unique layouts. With design ideas for the creative, the sky really is the limit, and there’s no one size fits all.

The Decadent

Where the smart garden may avoid a riot of colour and plants, the decadent might make good use of them. A wealth of colours or plant types make for an exuberant display that lets guests and onlookers know, this place is living. A place for great parties, fine dining, or spectacular experiences. Somewhere that says fun and livelihood, welcoming attendants with open arms.

The Calming

Some gardens aim first and foremost to create a soothing environment. Perfect for retreats, mindful establishments, or anywhere dealing with sensitive issues. A calming garden may have overlaps with the smart – focusing on space, balance and neutrality. However, more attention could be paid to softer, sweeping lines and curves, as opposed to harder, straighter angles. And a gentle water feature would be a fine addition.

The Entertainer

Some gardens see a lot more use than others. Gardens and green spaces that host people more often will show it. There’s likely to be more seating areas, pagodas, and patios. Perhaps it will offer a more interactive experience. Fragrant plants, bird tables, sundials, mazes or meandering walkways are just some suggestions that the garden is more than just for show. It’s to be experienced.

The Organic

For some, a garden doesn’t want to stray too far from its purpose. Gardens are about our love of nature and growing things. A more organic garden cultivates nature without leaving too much of a mark on it. Unrefined and natural building materials may be used for its flower beds or vegetable patches. Hanging or window plants at eye level can enhance the embrace of wildlife. The organic garden isn’t an unkempt jungle, but a more lovingly controlled celebration of Eden.

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