Autumn is the perfect time to prepare your garden to ensure it survives the harsh weather conditions we often face during winter in the UK.

It’s a great time to have a clean-up and prepare your garden for the season ahead. Here are some tips to help you ensure your garden is prepared for winter.

Garden tidy up

Autumn is a great time to have a thorough garden tidy-up before it gets too cold for gardening. With the last leaves falling from the trees and the first whisper of frost creeping across car windshields, now is the best time to remove all unwanted matter from your compost heap and cut back plants to soil level.

Protect your tender plants

Tender plants need to be protected from the harsh winter weather conditions. Many tender plants will benefit from mulch over their roots for added protection in winter.

Mulch could be garden compost, wood chippings or leaf mould. As an added bonus, it will provide soil nutrients as it slowly rots and will also help to retain water, so reduces watering next year.

Move plants

During winter, it is a good idea to move plants in pots to a warmer or more sheltered part of the garden or into a cold greenhouse.

Pot plants that have gone completely dormant, like begonias or tender fuchsias which have dropped their leaves, will be quite happy in a dark shed over the winter. Other plants that are still green and growing slowly will continue to need light, so a cold greenhouse would be better.

Regular maintenance of driveways and patios

The colder months can bring snow and ice onto patios and driveways. Use de-icer on these surfaces to keep your garden safe and looking good.

It is also important to seal the driveway’s cracks or gaps and shovel the snow as soon as it arrives.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your garden might be a chilly task, but putting time and effort into your garden will allow for a more colourful and rewarding spring.

Swap grass for artificial turf

If regular garden maintenance is not an option for you in winter, replacing your grass with artificial grass is a great, effortless option.

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