Your outdoor space is something you should take pride in and that involves putting a bit of effort into the upkeep of it. But sometimes this just can’t happen. It might seem tedious and monotonous, especially if you’re not that much of an outdoor enthusiast. This is where a professional gardening service can help out, taking the responsibility away from you and leaving your outdoor space looking great.

So read on for the top signs that you require a professional gardening service, and why working with a company like Groundforce can help.

What Is A Professional Gardening Service?

A professional gardening service is an individual or company that works to repair, maintain and transform outdoor spaces. They have all the skills required to do this, experts in horticultural knowledge that can plan and cater to the needs of each individual space to maximise its potential. They can completely renovate a space to make it seem brand new, or focus on maintaining the existing condition of the space.

But what are the signs you may make use of this type of service? Here are 15 signs you could require a professional gardening service today.

No Time

Life is busy. Every person on the planet has responsibilities they are committed to, making them have to prioritise certain areas of their life over others. One area that might suffer is your garden. A garden is full of living things so by neglecting it, it can quickly grow out of control. But if you have no time, what else can you do? This is when you can call in a professional gardening service. They can help clean up your garden and bring it back to a suitable condition.

Lifestyle Change

A big lifestyle change can often mean you need a professional gardening service to step in to help take care of your space. This could be the arrival of a new child or pet, where you no longer have the time to invest in your garden. It could also be helpful after an accident where your mobility is affected. With these lifestyle changes, your garden may need some alterations that a gardener can help with. You might need uneven ground sorted, or a garden pond removed due to it being a hazard.

Lack Of Skills

You might need a professional gardening service simply because you’re not very good at gardening. A lot of people can’t even keep a cactus alive, let alone maintain a whole garden. So leave it to the experts instead of trying and failing. If you’re interested in improving your skills, you can ask to observe and ask questions about some of the techniques they are using.

Comments Made

If your outdoor space has ever been the victim of rude comments or backhanded compliments, you might want to prove them wrong by finally getting round to sorting out your outdoor space. Now the next time that person sees your garden, their comments will be positive instead.

Brown Grass & Dying Plants

If your grass is brown and you’re finding your plants, bushes and trees dying, they may need the care of a professional gardening service. They have the knowledge and expertise to get your garden back to a condition you can be proud of.

Garden Waste Clearance

If you’ve recently gone through a big renovation in your garden, there might be a lot of leftover waste that needs clearing. A professional gardening service can come to collect and safely dispose of any garden waste you have lying about.

Spring/Summer Is Coming

If you want to utilise your garden more in the spring and the summer, you might want to hire a professional gardening service. This way you can get your garden prepared for the summer, which is especially helpful if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. They can mow the lawn, trim bushes and plant flowers that will flourish in the summer sun. If you’re planning on having friends around over the sunny months, you’ll want your outdoor space to look amazing.

Lacking Unity

You might be looking around your garden and see it’s a mismatch of different ideas that seem great but put together just look like a mess. A professional gardening service knows how to make a garden look amazing, so you can put your garden in their trustworthy hands to create a unified space.

Not Usable

Your outdoor space might be so overgrown it is currently not usable for anything. To get it clear and to a standard, you’re happy with, a professional gardening service can help. They can mow the lawn, cut back any bushes and overall improve the quality of the property.

Planning To Sell

If you’re planning to move on from your property and are looking to sell, it is just as essential to get your outdoor space in order just as much as the inside of your house. You can hire a professional gardening service to help get your outdoor space to the standard it needs to be, so any potential house viewings aren’t full of prospective tenants complaining that the garden will need a lot of work.


You might be looking to get some more privacy for your garden or property in general. A professional gardening service can help with this, installing fences or bushes that can help to give you that element of privacy you desire.


Your garden might be overrun with animals and insects that are making their home in tall grass, unkempt hedges and other areas that have been neglected. There might even be a nest somewhere that needs dealing with. By keeping your garden maintained using a professional gardening service, you won’t run the risk of pests invading.

Physical Demands

Some gardens are quite large, so it can seem quite impossible to keep up with the required maintenance. So hiring a professional gardening service can help lighten the load a bit. You can still help out with the space if you have a passion for gardening, but having a bit of assistance might help alleviate some of the pressure.

Garden Envy

You’ll inevitably see something that someone else owns and you’ll want it for yourself. This can also go for gardens. You might visit a friend and admire the way their garden looks, or see a feature in a public park that you think will look amazing in your garden. For this, you can hire a professional gardening service to help cure your garden envy.

Big Project

Do you want to completely renovate your garden but are not sure how to go about it? A professional gardening service can help to make your big project a reality. They can work with you to understand your vision and create a space that suits your expectations. Once your big project is completed, you want to ensure it is kept in it’s best condition, and who better than the company that helped complete the job in the first place?


If you’re seeking reliable and expert landscaping in Devon and across the South West region, get in touch with the team at Groundforce. We take in mind your aesthetics, budget and schedule to create a space exactly to your taste. We work from the ground up, working with you every step of the way to deliver exceptional results.

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