Soft landscaping relates to the renovation or upkeep of all soft materials in an outdoor space, including plants, trees and other forms of natural greenery. Performed efficiently by trusted landscaping companies, extensive hard and soft landscaping can convert a bland exterior space into an exciting and vibrant one. Though there are many varied examples of attractive soft landscaping, let the professionals at Groundforce take you through some of the most prominent contemporary examples. You’ll have a breathtaking garden in no time!

Hanging Flower Baskets

A favourite amongst those with green fingers, hanging flower baskets can be upcycled from old containers and pots, purchased from most relevant retail outlets, or ordered online. Make your garden space stand out from the crowd with eye-catching and vibrant colours, or get creative with hooked baskets and  unconventional containers. Hanging baskets can look fantastic in any garden, and spruce up an empty space in no time.

Hedge Animals

Though you may expect hedge animals and shapes to be reserved for the gardens of upmarket homes and larger premium properties, your local landscaping company can assist at your earliest convenience. If you want your hedge trimmed to a particular size or shape, have a particular creative design in mind, or simply need an organisation to share inspiration with and bounce ideas from, Groundforce are soft landscaping experts.

Vegetable Gardens

Looking to grow your own organic treats and vegetation for recipes and healthy meals? Or perhaps you simply enjoy cultivating and maintaining a regular exterior space? We would be delighted to help out, providing the assets and resources for a comprehensive vegetable garden. Make the most of excess room in your garden, with 2022 the perfect time to try something new.

Low-Maintenance Plants

Low-maintenance plants are the ideal option for those who like the idea of growing their own plant life, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of regularly maintaining and tending to them. Time-poor gardeners rejoice – as we are well-equipped to create the perfect space for your geraniums, bulbs, or holly bushes. Slower growing evergreens are fantastic for all manner of themed garden spaces – simply consult our ‘About’ page for more information on the capabilities of our team.

Smaller Trees

Smaller trees aren’t restrictive in the same way as their larger counterparts, and can often be grown in corners of a garden space, adding the finishing touches to a landscape design. On the other hand, a small-to-medium sized tree could provide the perfect centrepiece for the exterior of your property – with our design team more than capable of catering a space to your specifications and personal needs.

At Groundforce, we are landscaping experts who realise how crucial it is to find contractors you can count on to bring your most creative ideas to life. At GroundForce, your tastes, budget and schedule always come first, and whether you favour soft landscaping features, unique hard landscaping, or something completely different, we’re just a phone call away. Any queries? Contact us today!