Putting up a fence is a good idea if you value your privacy and your relationship with the neighbours. As they say, “Good fences make good neighbours” and you can’t go wrong by building a fence on your property. You’ll have distinct boundary lines and, depending on the fence, can keep things on your side of the fence easily enough.

Reasons to Put Up a Fence

There are several reasons you may want a fence and the purpose of it will determine what type of fence you choose. With a wide variety of options available it is worth having a look at the options to see the benefits offered to your property.


If you’re looking to screen out the neighbours and prying eyes, you’ll need to have a fence that completely blocks the view. This usually means a wood panel fence is your best choice, though anything that can prevent people from peering forward is ideal.

Another option is to allow climbing plants to fill in any gaps in the fencing. However, it takes time to grow, so you may prefer to just choose a closed fence.

Finishing Touch

Maybe you just want that tidy look to your home, but don’t really wish to block the world out. If this is the case, a simple picket fence may be the way to go. It gives that finished look to your home, defines borders, but doesn’t block the view.


Another reason to put up fencing is to prevent children from getting into an area that could be dangerous. This usually means a pool, but could include any area that may cause safety issues for a child. Ideally, you will be able to see through this type of fencing so you can view the pool and see if a child has somehow made it into the enclosure. Glass panels, mesh, and other visibility fences work well for this.


Are you trying to keep intruders away? You may opt for a tall iron fence in this case. Taller fences are the best way to prevent people from trying to get in and using one with iron spikes on top will certainly give them the idea that this property is not open to their advances.

Choosing a fence is a very personal choice. If you select one that works well for your property type, it can even boost the property value. Many people prefer to have the property enclosed, even if it’s just for decorative purposes.

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