Fences make the best neighbours, as they say, but it can be a challenge to choose the right fence for your needs. If you’ve determined that a timber fence is the best option, you still have a myriad of choices within that. Each one provides a different benefit, so it really depends on what your purpose for having a fence is.


This type of fencing is designed for security. With two horizontal rails bracing vertical rails, these fences range from 1-3 metres tall and are frequently used around schools or other properties. They are designed to be quite difficult to climb and will help to prevent people from getting into your property. You can replace individual pieces as needed, which makes them more self-sustaining than most fences.

Featheredge Fences

Need something to block the view of your neighbours? Featheredge fences are ideal for this, since they’re made from vertical slats that fit together to create a complete barricade. They’re held up by sturdy posts, but can be built very quickly. The slats are against each other to prevent any peeking through them.

Picket Fences

Similar in style to the palisade fence, picket fences are built with two horizontal rails and vertical ones that are set apart to allow you to see through the fence. They tend to be lower than palisade styles and the pickets or vertical slats are usually rounded or pointed on top. There’s nothing as quintessential as a white picket fence in front of a home! Picket fences also tend to delineate a property line or create a small barrier for a garden.

Post & Rail

Traditionally seen on farms, post and rail fences consist of what they sound like: horizontal rails nailed to posts. There are usually 2-3 horizontal rails, as these fences are designed to stop large animals from passing through. They’re used around paddocks, gardens, and other animal enclosures and may be flat or rounded.

Panel Fences

For the utmost in privacy and fast fencing, panels are your best option. They come in flat panels of vertical wood slats held together with supports so they can be installed as a complete panel. It’s simple to fence off an entire garden in a day with fences like these and you’ll have complete privacy when you’re done, as they tend to be quite tall. Many panel fences have decorative lattice at the top, as well.

Once you’ve determined your fencing needs (e.g. to improve privacy, deter potential intruders or hold livestock), you can select the fence that best suits them. GroundForce is here to help when you’re ready! Get a quote for your project today.