A natural resource and proven security measure, timber fencing installations are perfect for domestic properties looking to improve the security and aesthetic quality of their gardens. With quick and easy installation and low-cost materials, timber fencing solutions come with several essential advantages. Let’s take a closer look at five key benefits of timber fencing solutions:

Quick Installation & Repairs

Installed in singular pickets or stakes, piece by piece, constructing your timber fencing is a simple, speedy process, offering a quick, hassle-free installation. Not only will this mean your installation process is quick and painless, but it will also benefit you in the long term, as pickets will naturally get damaged and need replacing. Due to the installation process, you won’t have to tear down the entire fencing to solve such a small problem, instead, you can simply remove the affected slate or picket and replace it in minutes.


Timber fencing is easily the most affordable and cost-effective solution for domestic fencing, significantly cheaper to purchase in bulk than a steel alternative. Timber is a widely grown, used and regrown material across the world, ensuring it remains at a lower market value than other fencing alternatives, whilst also providing the appropriate levels of security and design.


Timber fencing has both the ability and the adaptability to be delivered in a range of styles, with the further ability to paint the material any colour you desire. Unlike other fencing alternatives, such as metal fencing, timber provides flexibility in design, as well as an ability to blend in seamlessly with the natural environment. Timber fences can also be constructed in both low and high installations, depending on your specific needs or requirements, offering the desired level of privacy in the process.

Environmentally Friendly

As suggested, timber is frequently regrown after it is used, ensuring it is environmentally sustainable. Any timber trees used in the making of timber fencing will later be replanted and regrown reducing the environmental impact of chopping down trees. In similar terms, any wood you remove and replace on your timber fencing can be implemented for other uses, if salvageable, whilst any broken or unsalvageable pieces of timber can easily be used as fuel for a fire or backyard fire pit.


Timber fencing installations, particularly tall, secure and professionally installed timber fencing, will pose a natural deterrent to several different types of threats. From the risk of foxes, badgers or other animals breaking your fencing, reaching your garden and damaging either the land or potentially your own pets, right up to theft and break-in prevention, timber fencing will no doubt improve the overall security of your home. As an additional benefit, high timber fencing solutions offer additional privacy from neighbours and help keep your garden a secluded, secure and safe haven for your home.

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