From hotel driveways to restaurant entrances, making a good first impression counts! Commercial landscaping professionals offer a wide range of services that can improve the look and feel of your premises including adding plants for an aesthetic touch.

Here are four top reasons why adding plants to your commercial premises is a good idea.

Trees can block noise

Did you know that trees can be used to reduce noise pollution? Planting ‘noise buffers’ such as evergreens can provide year-round noise reduction so your commercial premises are less disturbed. Noise can be a particular problem if you’re near a busy main road or run a business such as a hotel where peace and quiet are expected, but planting trees around your property can help!

Plants can add structure to your landscape

Adding a range of plants such as shrubs, hedges, trees and flowers can add more structure to your land. Landscaping services are on hand to transform your surroundings whether that’s making better use of the space, improving the design or generally making it look much better – all of which can be done with the help of plants. A tree-lined pathway will create a splendid entrance to your property with a better framework.

They look appealing

No matter what kind of plants you choose, all varieties add an aesthetic appeal to the space. Colour changing plants can be a lovely addition to your commercial premises as they’ll brighten up the space and generally improve its appearance. Customers, clients and even your employees will enjoy pulling up to a beautiful landscape that’s full of flourishing plants.

Plants can improve people’s impressions

Unkempt entrances do not set the right impression about your business and this could have an effect on people’s experience with your commercial business. Your property entrance is the first physical thing that everyone will see and with the right kind of plants, they’ll have a great view when they arrive. Well maintained flower beds can go a long way in terms of attracting people into your business and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

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