If you’re undertaking an outdoor renovation project, you may consider hiring a landscaper to help you get the job done. You have a vision of what you want your outdoor space to look like and ideas of what parties and events you can hold with your friends once it’s done. But how do you achieve this while still staying on budget and not running into any mishaps. This is when you’re likely going to want to contact a landscaper to help you complete your project to a high standard.

What is a landscaper?

A landscaper is someone who’s trained to design, plan and oversee landscaping projects to achieve the design you desire. They can improve on your current garden design or completely renovate your outdoor space to a completely new design.

This can cover features such as plants, water fountains, sprinkler systems and irrigation. They can be used for a variety of projects, from farms and commercial spaces to back gardens and parks. Using their skills and knowledge they are able to design an outdoor space that works well in terms of aesthetics, functionality and ecology.

What do landscapers do?

When landscapers are hired to complete a project, they will be in charge of everything from cutting trees and planting flowers, to building garden structures and installing irrigation systems. This can be part of big or small projects such as golf courses, university campuses or even zoos. They will implement their designs in multiple ways to leave you with an outdoors space that fulfils everything you wanted.

For much larger projects you will often need a landscape architect to complete the designing and planning. However, landscapers often do many smaller jobs too such as grounds maintenance, planting seasonal plants and trimming trees and planting shrubs.

Why do I need landscaping services?

There are many reasons you should hire a professional landscaper to complete any garden renovations you are wishing to undertake. Here’s why:

Saves time

Landscaping is a labour intensive and time consuming process which you often don’t want to tackle all on your own. It will require you to plan, buy materials, dig up soil, grass and plants and install everything on top of everything else you need to get done. It will take a particularly long time too if you work full time and are only completing the work on weekends.

A landscaper will take over all of this work so that you can sit back and enjoy the job when it’s done. As professionals, they are also much faster at completing these jobs because they do it everyday. This means they are much less likely to cause any errors which could halt the renovation process.


Undertaking an outdoor renovation without any equipment or machinery will mean you would have to buy all of this yourself. This will end up being very costly and you may have equipment sitting in your garage that you’ll rarely use again. Landscapers already have an inventory of necessary equipment available to them to complete the job.

They already have vehicles to transport materials and for garden waste clearance. They’ll also have access to wholesale prices and trade deals that make things much cheaper. Not only will this help save you time and money, but it will also reduce the chance of supply hiccups and make the project run more smoothly.

Experience and knowledge

One of the main reasons you’re paying for a landscaper is because of their extensive knowledge that they have accumulated over many years in the industry. This is an unbeatable advantage and will make sure your outdoor renovation exceeds your expectations. A landscaper will look at your outdoor space and offer advice based on their experience and they can also make the necessary, minor tweaks throughout the process that will have a huge impact on the final results. If you want a garden or outdoor space that really provides the wow factor, then a landscaper is essential.

The right plants

Depending on what you want from your garden and how you plan to maintain it, the landscaper will ensure the right plants are used in your space. They will make sure that the plants installed don’t require too much maintenance if you won’t have the time to tend to the garden. It may also be dependent on your location as you may want certain plants but your landscaper will be able to tell you if certain plants won’t thrive based on the conditions, exposure and weather of your garden.

Landscape services for your landscaping project

Now you see how you may benefit from hiring a landscaper, what exactly will they do for your renovation project?

Landscape maintenance

Once your garden or outdoor space has been completed it will need maintenance. While you could carry these tasks out yourself, it’s much more efficient to hire a landscape gardener to complete the maintenance of your space. The plants, grass and trees installed in your garden will continue growing over the seasons, so in order to keep your space looking clean and tidy, it will need to be landscaped. This means tree and bush trimming, grass mowing and leaf blowing.

Landscape installation

When you want a complete outdoor renovation it requires the expertise of a professional landscaper. Perhaps you have no idea what you want or have a few ideas in mind but you’re not sure how to bring them to life. A landscaper will sit down with you and discuss your ideas and what requirements you have and bring them together with their own experience. Whether you want a kid-friendly garden for your children to play in, or the perfect space to entertain your friends, a landscaper will know exactly how to execute it. They’ll bring you along for the whole process, include you in the planning and design and make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Irrigation and sprinkler systems

One thing that can be challenging for those with no experience is ensuring there is enough water circulating your grass. If you live in a particularly dry area or there isn’t good drainage, you will need the expertise of a professional landscaper to ensure these systems are functioning correctly.


Professional landscapers are able to provide you with fencing that looks great and holds up for many years. It can be challenging to correctly install fencing as you need to properly measure, obtain the materials, install concrete posts, apply a wood preservative and hire garden waste clearance to remove the old panels. This is very time consuming and challenging, but giving the role to a landscaper will take the pressure off and you can enjoy your new fencing surrounding your perimeter.


If you’re looking to install a feature such as decking, landscapers have plenty of experience installing great decking. This will require a large amount of materials and labour so hiring a professional is a good idea. This will give you a stylish decking which is the perfect spot for barbecues, hot tubs or dining furniture.

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