Timber fencing is a popular choice due to its versatility and variety of natural styles. To keep your fencing in good condition, choose good quality timber and follow the steps listed below to ensure your fence continues to look its best.

Here are our tips to care for your timber fencing.

Clean your fence

Before you do anything else you need to make sure your fence is clean of any dirt or debris which may prevent the stain from doing its job. Use a fence cleaner which is designed to work well with wood like timber and use a pressure washer to strip down the wood so that it’s ready for the next step. However, don’t leave the pressure washer in one place for too long as focused pressure can damage the wood.

Leave the fence to dry thoroughly, at least 24 hours, otherwise, you’ll defeat the purpose of applying any treatment.

Make repairs to your fence

If your fence has any rotting, splitting or other damage you’ll want to repair these mishaps to keep your fence looking pristine. You can use glue to fill in any small gaps or sandpaper to sand down rough parts of the fence. If any panels are damaged beyond repair you’ll need to replace them.

Stain your fence

Stain is a much better option for your fence than painting as it’s more forgiving and soaks into the wood to give you a beautiful natural colour. Only stain your fence when the temperature is at least 10°C and rain isn’t forecast for two days. Usually, you’ll only need one coat of stain and unlike paint, it won’t crack or peel.

If you were hoping to brighten your garden with brightly coloured fencing, painting it offers you a huge variety of colours and finishes and will dry within a few hours so no need to worry about rain the next day.

Repeat when needed

In order to maintain your fencing in the long term, you can use a power washer every now and then to clean the wood and reapply the stain every couple of years to keep it looking fresh. You may need to do this more often if your fencing is exposed to lots of water and sunshine, as this may cause the stain to fade or green patches to appear on the wood.

At GroundForce, we supply and install quality timber fencing for your garden around Devon and the Southwest. Offering professional craftsmanship to reinvigorate your garden, we can even dismantle and remove your current fencing to make life easier for you. Get in touch today for a quote.