Having limited garden space doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with the space you do have. Whether you want to use your garden as an entertainment hub or a nature-filled haven to relax in, there are many ways to achieve your dream outdoor space – even when you don’t have much space to work with! Here are some helpful tips from GroundForce to help you make the most of your small garden.

Choose multi-functional furniture

Small spaces are no longer synonymous with making a whole load of sacrifices. Just because your garden is small, doesn’t mean you can’t relax or socialise in the garden or must avoid using it altogether. With the right furniture, you can create a multi-functional, versatile space that works for any type of activity or occasion.

Foldable or extendable furniture is a great option for small households who like to entertain others, as the furniture can take up little to no space day-to-day but can easily accommodate a larger group whenever necessary.;

Benches with storage compartments also provide ample seating, take up less space than the equivalent number of chairs would, and can store various garden items not currently in use.

Make it feel like part of your home

There are many ways to make your garden feel homely and welcoming. If you have doors leading directly onto a balcony or into your small garden, why not leave them open and extend your indoor living space outdoors?

By adding seating and soft furnishings like rugs, blankets, and cushions, your garden can become just as much a space for entertaining or relaxing as the rest of your house. To make the transition from indoor to outdoor even more seamless, you could match the decor to the inside of your home and add plants on either side of the doorway.

Keep it simple

With the right furnishings, you can turn even the smallest patio into a stylish yet practical outdoor escape. When trying to utilise small spaces, the best approach is to keep things simple. That being said, you don’t want to underdo it either.

All you need is a minimalist, clean-looking furniture set and one or two feature pieces, such as potted plants. They will not only brighten up an otherwise plain, cramped space, but they will also ensure your garden is prioritising functionality as well as aesthetics. Plus, only having a few easily-manoeuvrable items will make rearranging your garden easier, whether it’s because you just fancy a change or need to create extra space for a gathering.

If your outdoor space is a little grey and dull, choosing colourful furniture or plants is an easy and affordable way to liven the space up. You could also hang some fairy lights or wall-mounted hanging baskets to add colour and personality without taking up any extra space.

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