An insight into how we approach landscaping a plot.

A large proportion of our work is on new build sites where, amongst other jobs,  we are subcontracted to landscape the front and rear plot gardens. We get to work once all the other external contractors have finished, and hopefully find all groundworks completed and good quality fluffed soil to work on across the plot.

The steps:

  1. Marking out fence lines – Having consulted the conveyance maps to establish the correct layout for the plot, we mark all the ends, corners and angles for the fence. The corner posts are installed and then string is used from post to post to map a fence line. Further posts are then installed, spaced as per specification.

  2. Install fence and gates – Once the fence line has been correctly marked out we can erect the actual fence. The type of fence varies from site to site, and some plots may have an order for an upgrade from the standard specification, so we have to ensure we have the correct details for each plot before we get to work. We aim to install 10m of fencing a day, although some plots can be particularly tricky, for example if the ground is particularly uneven or if there is insufficient quality soil. Once the fence is up we then make the gates and secure them with the appropriate fixings.

  3. Soft landscaping, rear garden – Once the fencing is completed and all the boundaries are secure we can concentrate on the soft landscaping element. We usually expect to rotovate, level and de-stone the rear garden area and leave as level bare soil. Again, the specification does vary from plot to plot, and we may be required to supply and lay turf, and plant trees as well. It’s really important that we follow the plans and orders exactly. If we get it wrong, we do it again at our own expense.

  4. Landscape front garden – The majority of the front gardens are a combination of turf and planted areas. We landscape them according to the drawings we receive, each tree, plant and shrub is pre selected and marked on the plans. As with the rear gardens, we first prepare the ground. Then all the plants and trees (that we supply) are planted, and turf is supplied and laid as required. Planting beds are given a generous covering of bark mulch to suppress weed growth. Customers are advised that new plants and freshly laid turf require continued watering, particularly in dry and hot conditions.

  5. Big Clean! – Once we have completed all of the landscaping works the team remove any waste and clean up any mess made while working on the plot, and the supervisor or manager will walk around and check the quality of the work before leaving.

It’s really important to us as a company that we complete work efficiently and to a high standard. The big clean is one of the most important aspects for us in ensuring client satisfaction, and our supervisors are particularly hot on this!

If you have any landscaping requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch!