We endeavor to source the best quality turf for our customers, and our landscapers take a great deal of care when laying it. They will prepare area to be turfed firstly by working down the soil with a rotavator, and then level it and destone with a rake. Any waste is removed and provided that they are happy with the levels and quality of the soil the turf will then be laid. We will book turfing jobs around the dates that we can have the turf delivered on so it is as fresh as possible when laid. When they lay the turf our landscapers will work off of boards, making sure there are no gaps or laps and compact the turf as they go, laying it in stripes for a good finish until the area’s complete, then give it a thorough watering. At this point, it’s all down to the customer! The survival of the turf is largely dependant on the aftercare it receives, it’s not complicated but it does require some commitment.

There are two golden rules:

-The first one, keep off the grass! Stay off of it for as long as possible, an absolute minimum of two weeks but ideally longer, up to six weeks depending on the time of year and conditions.

– The second rule, water! Continued watering is imperative, whatever the weather. Keeping the turf damp all the time isn’t just advised, its essential to survive and become established. In hot dry conditions its very easy to under water, but you will struggle to over water it!

Once the lawn is established with some really healthy grass growth it’s then time for the all-important first cut. Try to time this before the grass gets so long that it goes to seed, otherwise you will find that underneath the overgrowth it’s actually quite bare and the grass will be like stalks. However, if you try to cut it too early you will risk leaving big wheel ruts in your lawn, somewhere in between is good! Raise the lawn mower to its highest setting so you are literally just topping off the fist half an inch – inch, then gradually lower it to your desired length each time you cut it.