It can be challenging to keep a lawn alive and looking wonderful. It requires plenty of care, watering, and nurturing just to make it look nice. You may even forbid people from walking or playing on the grass because it can be so delicate.

If you want a garden that is designed to actually use, you may consider using artificial turf. It’s ideal for children and pets, but there are quite a few benefits if you do wish to use it.

The Benefits of Artificial Turf

Gone are the days of obviously fake, raspy fake grass. The options today are much nicer and can look rather realistic. People may realise it’s not real, but there are plenty of good things about using this option.

First, it won’t die off in the shade or under children’s pools and playground equipment. If you have swings or a slide, you know how difficult it is to prevent little feet from wearing right through your carefully tended lawn. That won’t happen with artificial turf since it is durable and will hold up to plenty of play.

You will never need to cut your artificial grass, which is a major win for most people. The fact it stays at the perfect height at all times is certainly a benefit. It also never requires any type of pesticide or fertiliser or even watering. If the weather is terribly dry, you’ll still have green in your garden.

When it does rain, you don’t need to worry about muddy patches or any sort of upkeep due to the wet. The artificial grass will rapidly dry out and is ready for play and enjoyment quickly.

Overall, thanks to the durability of artificial grass, you’ll end up paying less overall to maintain your lawn. It will last for a long time, even with children running about. All you need to do is vacuum from time to time and repair areas that eventually become worn down or torn.

There are many benefits to this type of grass and more and more people are choosing it.

The Cons of Artificial Turf

Of course, the biggest issue people have with artificial turf is the fact that it is artificial. This is also its biggest selling point, so these cancel each other out. However, there are a few downsides.

In the sun, the artificial grass will certainly heat up, which may be annoying if you’d like to layout on it. However, if it rains, there is also the issue of water running off the grass. You should be careful to choose an eco-friendly company to purchase from so you can be sure there are no toxins running into the groundwater.

While this type of grass does require replacing over time, you will find that it is far more cost-effective and long-lasting when compared to real grass. That, in itself, makes it a great choice.

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