Many people dream of designing and executing their perfect garden space, but very few people ever make it a reality. This is because, without a plan, it’s very difficult to accomplish anything. The plan needs to be realistic and should be something you can do in increments. This allows you to work on the perfect garden step by step.

Here are a few tips to help you come up with the right plan for your garden.

Start with the Paths

The very first thing you can do is decide where your paths will go in the garden. These are the lifelines of the space and will determine where the other features go. You likely already have an idea of where you want the paths to run, so once you have them, you can begin to fill in the other areas.

Add Flowerbeds

With the paths in place, determine where you will place the flowerbeds for maximum impact. What will the view be from the path? Do you want to work on both sides or just alternate so your attention moves back and forth?

You can also plan what will go in those flowerbeds. Remember that taller plants should be planted further back, with shorter ones in front. The types of plants will depend on how much sun the area gets and you should plan to use plants that will grow easily in your area. Later, you can stretch with some more unique plants, but to begin with, choose plants that are easy to find and grow.

Incorporate Structures

Where will you want to sit? Add a bench or two in strategic places to maximise the view of your beautiful garden. You can also add other structures, such as a gazebo, a bench swing, statues, a fountain, or even a small pond. These don’t need to be built all at once, but having them on the plan will remind you that they should be done at some point.

Decide On Fencing

The final thing to work out is the fencing. What type of fencing do you want around the property? This gives you some privacy and also adds to the atmosphere of the garden, so it’s an important step. Take your time choosing.

Draw It Up

All of this can be drawn up on paper, or you can use one of the many free garden design programs available online. These usually are quite simple to use, so you can create the garden of your dreams and then look at it in 3D.

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