Every homeowner dreams of the perfect lawn, but the dreaded patches of dead grass always seem to rear their ugly heads. What causes this problem and how do you prevent it?

There are actually multiple reasons why your lawn might start to die. You’ll need to identify the issue first and then treat it.

Dry Patch

This is a problem characterised by dry spots on the grass that look as though they’ve become very dried out. The cause is actually a fungus that essentially coats the soil and makes it impossible for liquid to penetrate. Water doesn’t reach the roots that way and that means you need to take steps to ensure the water can get through.

The first step is to use a fork to poke holes in the ground, which will allow the water to get past the fungi. Next, heavily water the soil so that it is completely soaked through. This is something you should treat in the autumn.


When there’s a lot of dead grass and other organic material built up between the roots and the grass blades, it can be a problem. A small amount can release nutrients, but more than that causes more problems. Thick layers can prevent air and water from getting to the roots, which means the lawn becomes sickly and more vulnerable to problems.

A special rake that will help you eliminate the thatch. It can break up the packed pieces and allow air and water to reach the roots. You should then aerate the lawn, which involves making small holes in the soil to allow the air and water to reach further down in the ground.

Poor Mowing

If your lawnmower is dull, you’ll end up ripping the grass instead of cutting it. That means the grass will be severely damaged and it will likely die in the worst shredded parts. This can leave patches of dead or dying grass.

However, you can easily prevent the issue by sharpening your blades on a regular basis. You should also make a point of cutting only small amounts of grass at a time. This will help reduce the damage done at one time and will help your grass stay healthy.

Caring for your grass is a big responsibility and one that you may want to outsource to someone else.

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