When you request a quote from a groundworks company for your residential building, what is usually included in the quote? Knowing what to expect from a typical residential groundworks quote can help you differentiate between quotes and ensure you are comparing the same things. Every company is slightly different in how they manage things, so be sure to ask for an itemised quote, which will show you everything you need to know.

Initial Inspection

Before the company can provide a quote, they’ll need to see the space and measure it to ensure they know what they are working with. At this point, you may have a garden area or simply plain dirt. This will all figure into the quote, because the more the company needs to tear down or pull out, the longer the project will be. If it is ready for sculpting and shaping, then you may expect slightly less time.

The initial visit does not need to be very long. It just gives measurements and some basic information, such as where the sun falls and any trees or existing structures that should remain in place.

Ideas for the Space

There are literally millions of ways to manage a garden space or patio, so whatever you’re considering, it’s important that you let the company know. They will need to quote based on the final project, so ensure you give the right details and information now.

Depending on how the company works, they will usually come back with a few ideas for the space and then provide quotes based on those. There may be options or choices with different materials and colours, so don’t be afraid to speak up early. If you want the garden of your dreams for the residential building, you have to be clear about what you need.

Requesting Multiple Quotes

You can ask more than one company for quotes and see what they have to offer. Of course, their designs will be different, but you’ll want to ensure more than anything that they understand your thoughts on the project. They should provide you with a chance to talk about your ideas and ensure that your ideas and desires are included.

If you’re in need of a new look for your grounds, GroundForce is the company for you. We’re big on ideas and work quickly to implement them. If you’d like to hear our thoughts on your property, contact us today.