Turf is often used when you don’t have time to wait for the grass to grow or if you want to be sure it will look amazing immediately. Most people associate turf with lawns and for good reason, but that’s not the only place you can use it. Here are a few more places where turf can be grown.

Sports Fields

Of course, a sports field needs nice looking grass, but even more importantly, it has to feel good. Athletes are used to practising on a variety of surfaces, but for sports like football or rugby, they need to know exactly how the ground will react. This means that weather conditions are important, and so is the grass on the field. It’s even possible to see new grass being placed before a game.

Dog Parks

To prevent dog parks from becoming too dusty and unpleasant to walk on, it’s common to plant grass. However, if it’s not going that well due to constant use and dogs doing their business, turf is another option. This can be laid easily and sections replaced if need be. As an area is worn down, it can be patched with more turf, but it’s also easier for the turf to establish itself than grass seed.

Public Parks

Once a public park is built up with paths and infrastructure, it needs grass. While some places will try to grow the grass from seed, this is something that rarely works well, particularly with people walking on it all the time. Instead, turf may be laid out to give a better appearance. It may be a while before you can walk on the grass, so it will have a chance to become established, but it will look amazing while you wait.

Residential Landscaping

Outside of homes and apartments, grass can give that special green touch. It’s far less needy than the usual flowers and such, so a lawn is a good investment. Often, turf is used to provide instant results, though it does take time for things to settle in.

Commercial Landscaping

Businesses often take great pride in how they present themselves to the world and this includes the landscaping outside the building. It’s quite common for turf to be used in these situations so the customer will see perfect green grass from the start. Even small areas of lawns outside a commercial building may use this to boost the kerb appeal of the space.

Turf can be a great way to speed up the process of growing grass. It does take time to establish, but it will greatly improve the look of the area in the meantime.

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