When it comes to keeping your outdoor areas clean and tidy, grounds maintenance is one of the best ways to achieve this. Whether it be pruning, landscaping or mowing, grounds maintenance holds a pivotal role in ensuring the appearance of the outside area is as good as it can be. As well as improving the appearance, grounds maintenance is important for so many other reasons. If you’re a business owner, it’s important that you’re taking care of the physical aspects of your business as well as the logistical aspects of running a business. Grounds maintenance is something that can often be neglected, therefore enlisting the help of commercial landscape contractors means that you are keeping on top of the appearance of your building.

Considering that many businesses neglect ground maintenance, the benefits that it offers can actually be forgotten. It can also be confusing trying to understand what exactly a maintenance worker actually does. At GroundForce, we know how important ground maintenance is. That’s why we’re the gardening landscaping company that offer the best eco-friendly ground and garden waste removal solutions.

If you’re not convinced by the importance of grounds maintenance, our guide will almost certainly change your mind!

What Does a Grounds Maintenance Worker Do?

Whilst it’s important to explain the importance of grounds maintenance, it is perhaps important to address what the role of a grounds maintenance worker actually is. In order for the grounds maintenance worker to actually bring the outdoor condition to a good condition, they usually do the following activities:

  • Mow, edge and fertilize the lawn
  • Remove weeds
  • Trim any hedges, shrubs and trees
  • Safely remove dead or damaged trees

The Four Types of Grounds Maintenance Workers

Whilst the main job of a grounds maintenance worker is to maintain the appearance of an outdoor area by trimming hedges, removing weeds and more,  there are four different types of ground maintenance workers:

  • Groundskeeper – For groundskeepers, their main duties involve trimming hedges, mowing grass and removing snow.
  • Landscaper – The role of a landscaper is to take the vision of a landscape design and bring it to life. This could be through planting flowers, trees or other elements.
  • Arborists – This specific role involves maintaining trees and plants to ensure they are healthy, safe and attractive. This is usually achieved through using chemical applications.
  • Pesticide Handler – This grounds maintenance worker has the responsibility of inspecting grounds and applying chemical treatments to help exterminate weeds and deter pests.

Grounds Maintenance Companies Make the Area Safer

One of the key benefits of having grounds maintenance is that it makes your area much safer. Enlisting the help of ground maintenance companies means that your site is clear, meaning that clients, visitors and employees aren’t at risk of injuring themselves. Outside areas can contain paving and slippery surfaces which can be harmful, so it’s important that your grounds are tended to so you’re adhering to health and safety regulations. If you choose to leave your grounds unkept and an injury happens, then you could be facing lawsuits with personal injury lawyers.

Hiring a grounds maintenance company can help your business’ exterior and customers safe too. For instance, there is always the danger of tree branches falling and injuring a visitor or impacting your premises. Grounds maintenance companies can help in this instance as they are able to trim your trees.

Appearance is Everything

The grounds and outside area of your business are the first thing that people see when they visit, so it’s important to leave them with a good first impression. If you notice that your site is looking unkept and messy, then visitors will associate this look with the business. Therefore one way of projecting the right image of your business and ensuring that visitors have a solid first impression is through the help of commercial landscape contractors, as they will be able to maintain your grassy areas and overgrown hedges throughout the year.

As well as creating a good impression, having a tidy environment is both appealing and aesthetically pleasing for visitors. Regardless of what business you run, the area surrounding your building should be just as inviting as the inside. If your grounds are clean and tidy, then customers will feel more encouraged to come back again. For instance, if you run a restaurant and the outside area is full of rubbish with overgrown grass, then customers might associate this lack of cleanliness with the inside area too and feel discouraged from entering. In order to create a comfortable environment, you should regularly check to see if you have overgrown grass or any litter on your outdoor area.

If you notice that your commercial grounds needs to have some life breathed back into it, then GroundForce are just the company for you. We pride ourselves on being a commercial landscaping maintenance company that uses only the best equipment and tools to take care of your grounds, meaning that your visitors will almost certainly be impressed.

Improve Employee Productivity

One way of actually improving the motivation of your staff is by regularly maintaining the grounds. It has been reported in several studies that the environment employees work in has a direct influence on their productivity levels. If the outside of your business conveys an image of professionalism and class, then it’s likely that your employees will adopt this attitude into their work. If your staff are more productive, then this can only mean good things for the operations of your business.

Keeps the Space Functional and Usable

As well as improving the appearance and safety of the area, it also ensures that the space is functional and usable. For instance, the pathway that leads to your main entrance needs to be clear of any obstructions such as leaves, grass and rubbish. Particularly for disabled visitors, pathways need to be clear so that they can enter the premises with ease. As well as this, the signage around your building needs to be clear from vine growth and overgrown hedges so that they are visible. If the signs around your building are covered, then they might not be able to navigate their way around your building.

Peace of Mind

Obtaining the services of a commercial landscape contractor means that you don’t have to worry as much when it comes to maintaining the outdoor area yourself. As well as this, experts have all the knowledge and equipment to carry out the job to leave your outdoors in the best condition possible. By giving you peace of mind when it comes to your outdoor area, this means that you can focus on other areas of the business.

Reduces Amount of Pests

Having an untidy outdoor area with overgrown grass and hedges can attract pests such as rats and mice. If customers or visitors spot a pest in your outdoor area, then this will convey a negative image of the business too. As a result, you might see people starting to complain about the cleanliness of your business. This is a significant problem for restaurants because maintaining hygiene standards should be a top priority. As a result, the presence of pests in the area can actually influence your hygiene rating and discourage customers from visiting. Having your grounds regularly maintained will therefore reduce the chances of pests settling in your outdoor area.

GroundForce, The Commercial Grounds Maintenace Company You can Trust

If you’re looking for commercial grounds maintenance, then Groundforce are the perfect company for you. Based in Devon and South West, we are proud to be one of the leading commercial landscape contractors that are committed to making a difference to your premises. Whether it be general ground clearance or weed control, we have got you covered. Using the best equipment and tools, we guarantee that we will restore your grounds back to perfect condition. We strive to leave our customers feeling 100% satisfied with our services. To get a free quote, visit our website. Alternatively, to find out more about the services that we provide, then please get in touch with our team today!